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Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone of the East Asian Seas Region: Integrating Emerging Issues and Modern Management Approaches


East Asian Seas Region

After more than 20 years of successful operations and interventions in the East Asian Seas region, COBSEA adopted a New Strategic Direction for COBSEA (2008-2012).

During the five years, COBSEA focussed on the thematic areas of marine- and landbased pollution, coastal and marine habitat conservation and management and response to coastal disasters.

COBSEA addressed these areas through four inter-linked strategies: information management; national capacity building; strategic and emerging issues; and regional cooperation.

There was a transition from the traditional project oriented role to a more oriented function. This strengthened national capacities to better managed regional marine programs, enhanced post-project sustainability and to.....More information...

COBSEA Past Events

8-9 December 2014: Regional Conclusion Workshop of UNEP/COBSEA MFF Coastal Erosion Project, Samut Songkram, Thailand.

The event, which will serve as a "concluding event" of the project, will report to UNEP, MFF and participating countries the accomplishments and outcomes of the project particularly the national assessments on coastal erosion and the implementation of pilot interventions including discussions on the next steps for implementation. The workshop will also provide opportunity for project partners from Pakistan and Thailand to meet and share with their counterparts their experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of the project and its activities. See the Agenda of the workshop

19 August 2014: COBSEA First Extra-Ordinary Intergovernmental Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand.

Further to Resolution 1 adopted at the 21st Intergovernmental Meeting, UNEP and COBSEA Secretariat organized the First Extra-Ordinary Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM) of the Coordinating Body of the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA) where representatives of Member States agreed on the sustainability of COBSEA and the need to reach the increased targeted budget of Trust Fund contributions. The meeting adopted a resolution reaffirming the long term sustainability of COBSEA as the primary consideration for any decision regarding the hosting of the COBSEA Secretariat, and reiterating that long term sustainability requires all the participating countries meet the increased annual target budget, as agreed in Resolution 1 of the 21st IGM.

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