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Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone of the East Asian Seas Region: Integrating Emerging Issues and Modern Management Approaches

A Regional Approach to the Sustainable and Ecosystem-Based Management of Coastal Erosion in the East Asian Seas Region: A Resource Document:

State of the Marine Environment Report for the East Asian Seas 2009


Report of the First COBSEA Marine Litter Workshop 2007

New Strategic Direction for COBSEA (2008-2012)

Partnership Opportunities for
Enhancing GPA Implementation in the East Asian Seas Region

Case Studies of
Coral Reef Monitoring
and Management Projects

'The Annotated Guiding Principles for Post-Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction'
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East Asian Seas Region

After more than 20 years of successful operations and interventions in the East Asian Seas region, COBSEA has now adopted a New Strategic Direction for COBSEA (2008-2012).

During the coming five years, COBSEA will focus on the thematic areas of marine- and landbased pollution, coastal and marine habitat conservation and management and response to coastal disasters.

COBSEA will address these areas through four inter-linked strategies: information management; national capacity building; strategic and emerging issues; and regional cooperation.

More information...

COBSEA Upcoming Events

24-25 October 2013: Regional Conclusion Workshop of the COBSEA Sida Project on Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone Disaster Prevention and Sustainable Development, 24-25 October 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

The event, which will serve as a "concluding event" of this COBSEA Sida Project after almost four years of implementation, will report the the achievements, outputs and outcomes of national project partners from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam including the results, lessons learned and best practices on the training and capacity building and adaptation activities on coastal and marine spatial planning implemented in their respective countries.

COBSEA Past Events

26 March 2013: COBSEA 21st Intergovernmental Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand.

6-7 December 2012: Consultative Meeting on the Development of a Project Concept for the South China Sea SAP Implementation, Bangkok, Thailand. The UNEP/DEPI/MFWEB and COBSEA Secretariat convened a regional consultation meeting to discuss the draft project concept (PIF) in detail and to technically agree on its scope and content and to discuss and agree on the level of co-financing that each GEF eligible country will have to provide in order to achieve the required level of co-financing.

24-26 September 2012: International Waters Science Conference 2012, UNCC, Bangkok- The first-ever Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters Science Conference (IWSC 2012) provides a unique opportunity for local, regional and global scientific institutions and GEF IW projects to jointly look into opportunities to tackle some of the critical water issues over the next decade. The IWSC 2012 will take place at the UN Conference Centre (UNCC) in Bangkok on 24-26 September 2012. The conference is being organized by UNEP together with the Secretariat of the GEF & the GEF IW:LEARN project, UNU-INWEH, UNDP, with critical support from the UNESCAP and Sida, and other partners. More Information:

17-19 September 2012: East Asian Seas Regional Workshop on World Ocean Assessment, Bangkok, Thailand- Marine scientists and experts from the region will gather in Bangkok from 17-19 September 2012 to participate in the Regional Scientific and Technical Capacity Building Workshop on the Regular Process of the World Ocean Assessment. The workshop intends to deliver a trial assessment for the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand regions based on a new methodology developed in Australia, which is considered today as an example for integrated marine assessment. The workshop is being organized and supported jointly by UNEP, APN, UNESCO/IOC/WESTPAC, NOWPAP, COBSEA and UNEP/Grid Arendal.

31 July–1 August 2012: COBSEA Regional Inception Workshop for the KOICA Yeosu Project on Coastal Erosion, Bangkok, Thailand

14-18 May 2012: COBSEA Regional Train the Trainer Course on Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone, Phuket, Thailand

6 March 2012: COBSEA Sida Annual Review Meeting on the Sida supported Project on Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone – Disaster Prevention and Sustainable Development

21-23 February 2012 : COBSEA Coordinator participated in the First phase of the first cycle of the Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment, including Socio-economic Aspects, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

23-27 January 2012 : COBSEA participated in the Global Conference of Land-Oceans Connections on 23 -24 January 2012 and the Third Intergovernmental Review Meeting of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities (IGR-3) on 25-27 January 2012, Manila , Philippines

25 January 2012 : COBSEA co-organized with GEF, UNEP and the CBD a side event on Marine Spatial Planning during the GLOC/IGR-3 Meeting where the COBSEA Coordinator made a presentation on the Sida Project on Coastal Spatial Planning

23 January 2012 : COBSEA Regional Workshop on the Sida supported Project on Spatial Planning in the Coastal Zone – Disaster Prevention and Sustainable Development: Country Adaptation and Capacity Building Activities, Manila, Philippines


August 2013 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

June 2013 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

January 2013 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

November 2012 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

May - July 2012 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

January - March 2012 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

December 2011 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

August - September 2011 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

May - July 2011 : Partner update - NOWPAP update - More information..

April 2011 : Partner update - NOWPAP / PICES / WESTPAC Joint Training Course on Remote Sensing Data Analysis and 5th International Marine Debris Conference More information..

March 2011: Partner update - NOWPAP at the Meeting of Regional Seas Coordinators, NOWPAP at the YSLME Meeting, UNEP Year Book 2011 launched and Consultations on Development of NOWPAP Medium Term Strategy! More information..

September 2010 : Partner update - The 3rd Joint NOWPAP Oil Spill Response Exercise and Forum! More information..

May 2010 : Partner update - NOWPAP links with partners are strengthened! More information..

24 August 2009: Press release: Applications are now open for the Ninth UNU-INWEH & UNESCO International Course on Biodiversity in Mangrove Ecosystems held at the Centre of
Advanced Studies in Marine Biology Annamalai University, India from 2-16 November 2009. The course focuses primarily on mangrove ecosystems while maintaining an integrated approach towards management of coastal ecosystems. Particular emphasis is given on the methodology for assessing, monitoring and conserving biodiversity in mangrove ecosystems. The main objective of this Course is to build the capacity of professionals and institutions in developing countries to undertake monitoring, research and conservation of critical coastal ecosystems within mangrove forests.

A limited number of fellowships are available to qualified candidates from developing countries only. These fellowships will be granted on a competitive basis and will cover the entire expenses of the workshop, including economy excursion airfares via the most direct route for candidates from outside India.

More information and the application forms can be found at: http://www.inweh.unu.edu/Coastal/Mangroves/Mangroves.htm
Application forms should be sent to:

Dr. K. Kathiresan
Professor, CAS in Marine Biology
Annamalai University, Parangipettai - 608 502, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: 91 - 4144 - 243223 (Off), 238419 (Res.)
Fax: 91 - 4144 - 243555
E-mail: kathirsum@rediffmail.com

17 June 2008: Press release "Campaign spotlights severity of marine trash in the East Asian Seas" about the Clean Up East Asian Seas Campaign. Read the press release...

10-11 June 2008: COBSEA organized Forum on Marine Pollution related Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. The forum identified priority areas and measures on how MEA implementation can be enhanced in the East Asian Seas region. More information....

5 June 2008: Partner update - NOWPAP links with partners are strengthened! More information...

1-3 May 2008: COBSEA supports the organization of the UNEP/IOC Technical Working Group Workshop for the development of UNEP/IOC Operational Guidelines on Survey and Monitoring of Marine Litter. The workshop was attended by experts from several Regional Seas programmes as well as experts from other organizations. More information...

24 March 2008: COBSEA joins the International Year of the Reef 2008! The ICRI International Year of the Reef 2008 is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about the value and importance of coral reefs and threats to their sustainability. COBSEA is a long-time ICRI partner and is now a registered IYOR 2008 Focal point! Go to IYOR website...

22-23 January 2008: The New Strategic Direction of COBSEA (2008-2012) adopted by the 19th Meeting of COBSEA. The meeting was hosted by the Royal Government of Cambodia. The meeting also discussed and adopted a number of important matters including the COBSEA Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter, the outline of an East Asian Seas Environment Outlook and the Work Plan and Budget 2008-2009. More information...

20 January 2008: Partner news - An update on the activities in the NOWPAP region. More information...

15 January 2008: Partner news - The UNDP/GEP Yellow Sea Project invites proposals for the "SAP demonstration activities". Go to YSLME website...

28-29 September 2007: COBSEA participated in the NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup in Busan, the Republic of Korea. The 2007 NOWPAP ICC campaign was organised in order to highlight the global concern of marine litter and to strengthen cooperation between neighbouring countries to better cope with the litter problem. The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Republic of Korea, was generous enough to support COBSEA's participation in this important event. More information...

24 September 2007: COBSEA featured in Thailand's Daily News: "Coordination for the protection of the Seas of East Asia" - Dr. Cherdchina Chotiyaputta from Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources informed the Daily News readers of COBSEA and its proposed new strategic direction. The article also includes information on the emerging issue of marine litter and COBSEA's plans to develop a regional action plan to address this problem. Link to article (in Thai)...

15 September 2007: 505 volunteers participated in a coastal cleanup day including both underwater and beach activities in Koh Lanta, Thailand. The volunteers collected more than 3,000kg of debris! The cleanup day was organized by the Phuket Marine Biological Center as part of COBSEA's Green Fins activity. More information....

5-6 September 2007: The Special Intergovernmental Session of COBSEA organized in Putrajaya, Malaysia in order to discuss COBSEA's new strategic direction (2008-2012) and to finalise the White Paper to be presented to the 19th Meeting of COBSEA for possible adoption. More information...

1 July 2007: Bangkok Post publishes an article 'Green Diving' about the Green Fins Programme. Link to article...

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